Homes American Made Co. offers benefits for commercial building that goes above and beyond what commercial building owners expect from a commercial contractor.


Here are just a few differences:

Lower cost Higher efficiency1. Shorter construction time producing immediate labor and financing savings.
2. Higher quality construction with greater design possibilities.
3. Can build any time of year, winter and summer.
4. Superior resistance to fires, natural disasters, insects and molds resulting in lower maintenance and insurance costs.
5. Up to 30% less HVAC capacity resulting in lower equipment costs in heating and air conditioning.
6. 60% more insulation value than conventional built structures resulting in much lower operating costs.
7. Better soundproofing, which is especially valuable in theaters, schools and apartments.
8. Proven track record of multi-million dollar projects.
9. Experienced team player in developing positive rapport with architects, engineers, local officials, and clients.
10. Accurate project estimating prevents overspend and saves money through good planning.
11. Paperwork is managed efficiently to keep progress on or ahead of schedule, administrating contract documents for customers in order to procure financing for construction loans and working with financial institutions and title companies during the construction process.


Homes American Made Co. not only builds a better home, they make it a better experience for homeowners. Compare what you get with Homes American Made Co. and other builders:


Here are just a few comparisons:

High End Designs1. Your home will be ultra energy efficient, saving you thousands of dollars in heating and cooling.
2. Your home will be stronger and safer, so much so that insurance companies will even lower your premiums.
3. You will feel better in your home as it will be 50% quieter and have consistent inside temperatures without cold spots or drafts.
4. You can draw up what you want on a napkin, and Homes American Made Co. can bring it to life. Save paying an architect to design a home for you.
5. You can have the fancy designs other builders charge more for, like curved walls and varied height ceilings, without paying more for them.
6. Estimates will be accurate, so surprises are usually good ones – like saving money and keeping things ahead of schedule.
7. Your home will last longer, so whether you pass it on to your children, or sell it, your home delivers real value.