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With Quad-Lock building systems, customers are more likely to choose your bid.

Superior Investment

•    Ultra-Energy Efficient – The Quad-Lock system can reduce heating & cooling costs by up to 80% compared with wood construction.
•    Durable – concrete structures can last for 100’s of years versus decades, with lower maintenance costs.
•    Smart – Insurance premiums and HVAC costs can be lower for Quad-Lock homes and re-sale values are typically higher.

Improved Health & Comfort

•    Improved Indoor Air Quality – Quad-Lock ICF walls will not promote rot, mold or mildew. Reduced air infiltration allows better conditioning & allergen filtering of indoor air.
•    Comfortable – consistent inside temperatures without cold spots or drafts.
•    Peace & Quiet – with a 50% reduction in noise transfer compared to wood.

Increased Safety

•    Super Strong – Reinforced concrete homes can be designed to withstand many hurricane/tornado force winds and associated flying debris, keeping your family secure.
•    Fire Resistant – Quad-Lock walls have a fire rating of up to 4 hours compared to only 1 hour for wood walls.

Let us help you bid your next project.

Give your customer the option between a stick built and Quad-Lock and get an edge on your competition. If your customers choose Quad-Lock, we will assist you with the Quad-Lock installation.

Experience first-hand these extra benefits for builders:

•    Curved Walls and different ceiling elevations are as easy as straight walls and ceilings
•    Fast tracks the schedule because it can be installed in any weather with in-house crews
•    Produces a high quality wall that is more efficient and stronger than other wall systems.


View some of Mike’s past projects with Quad-Lock featured on Quad-lock’s website.


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