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Year Round Comfort

Even Heating for Each Floor Separately

Consistent inside temperatures without cold spots or drafts make our constructed homes more
comfortable. Temperatures for rooms and floors can be controlled individually or together
making every room just right for the people and activities there. This is a big advantage for
retirement centers, hotels, and condominiums.

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Spaciousness Galore

Over 34 ft Spans with a Garage Overhead

Where other companies need pillars, jack posts, beams and walls to support ceilings for large
spaces, we can build a unique ceiling that carries more weight than conventional ceilings and
spans much larger distances – totally unobstructed! Turn the space under your garage into a
workshop or recreational room. Now you can have spaciousness without compromise.

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Lower Costs, Higher Profits

70% Less Expensive to Heat

Large commercial spaces no longer need to be equated with high heat bills. Modern technology
has evolved to where large spaces can be heated for up to 70% less with even temperatures
throughout. Whether building warehouses, agricultural buildings, office buildings, or strip
malls, building smarter with Homes American Made means lower costs than conventionally built structures.

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Built to Last

Lower Maintenance, Longer Life

Homes American Made Co. homes and commercial structures are built to last with minimum maintenance.
Your building will provide hundreds of years of service as opposed to decades with conventional
construction methods. Your dream home or commercial building can stay in the family for generations,
be as strong as the day you built it, and have higher resale values if you decide to sell.

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Peaceful and Quiet

Sleep Better with Soundproof Technology

Homes American Made Co. uses advanced technology to provide increased soundproofing
to your walls and ceilings. Sleep in quiet bliss while teenagers rock to their favorite music upstairs
or dogs bark and horns honk outside. A must have for hotels, condominiums and residential living centers.

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Healthier Living

Cleaner Air, Less Dust, No Mildew

Our buildings are rot, mold and mildew proof. Air tightness reduces infiltration of dust and
allergens allowing for better conditioning and allergen filtering of indoor air. Insect resistance
is also an absolute relief.

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No Design Limitations

Curved Walls Same Price as Straight

Beautiful architecture and unique designs usually mean pricey curves except with Homes American
Made Co. We build smart so fancy lines don’t cost you anymore than straight ones - making your
dream home more affordable than ever. Residential living centers, hotels and condominiums have
no design limitations either, making them more attractive for residents.

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Lower Insurance Premiums

Hurricane, Fire, and Tornado Resistant

Homes American Made Co. structures are designed and reinforced to withstand high winds and associated flying
debris of tornadoes and hurricanes. They also have a fire rating of up to 4 hours as compared to only one hour
for conventional buildings. Your family or business is safer and your insurance premiums are typically lower.

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A New Benchmark

High-End Designs, Cutting Edge Convenience

With built in efficiencies and sharpened pencils, it’s possible to enjoy luxuries with a better bottom
line. Hardwood flooring, granite countertops, and high-end appliances are taken to the next
level with high insulation values, air-tightness, sound-deadening, structural stability, and free
of mold, mildew and dry-rot problems.

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Built in Options

Smart Renewable Energy Packages

A zero net energy building (energy used is roughly equal to renewable energy created on site) is
a nice ideal, but not always cost effective. We help you find the right mix so you have the
self-sufficiency you want and the energy efficiency you need at a price that makes sense for
homes, businesses, residential projects and commercial structures.

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Truly Green Living

Grow Gardens on your Roof

Modern advances in technology make green options available that were inconceivable before,
such as growing gardens on your roof. Homes American Made Co. brings this cutting edge technology to
you so, yes, even you can put a garden on your roof, as well as many other exciting ideas for truly
green living. This cutting edge technology is becoming the new standard for building in cities with little green space.

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Building in Envy

Condominiums, Hotels, Residential Living

Building for residential living often has a unique set of challenges that Homes American Made Co.
is uniquely qualified to handle. Their speed of construction, ability to work with minimal clearance,
keeping within strict local codes, and high fire ratings with low sound transfer are standard
practices. Homes American Made Co. clients are miles ahead of their competition in energy use,
maintenance, comfort and sustainability.



At Homes American Made Co.(previously BBC&D), we take construction and design to a new level with features you don’t expect from most building contractors. Our use of proven cutting-edge technology makes sure you get quality through building smart. Rather than following conventional building methods that end up costing more to build and maintain, we choose to offer our customers quality construction through exceptional and efficient building designs. Our unique building techniques have gotten us invitations to build all over the world, like New York, the Bahamas, Montego Bay and South Korea. You deserve the advantages we alone can give you, whether you plan to build a dream home, commercial property, residential living spaces, or warehouses. Contact us today and find out how much better your project can be built with Homes American Made Co.


Provide our customers the highest level of quality construction and design services by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the entire construction process.